guys can be complicated

what would you think/do if a guy kept giving you a lot of compliments and stuff like telling you you had beautiful eyes and saying your cute and winking at you and smiling at you a lot, im not sure what to think about stuff like this casue there is a guy who does this stuff but hes kinda a flirt to some girls but he does it to me a lot and im not sure if he likes me or not… Ugh guys are complicating!! guys would you do that to a girl if you didnt like her just to see what they would say or do, or just to see of they liked you even though you didnt like them?? becasue im kinda thinking that thats what hes doing, but im not sure!

Answer #1

by the fact that he did that flirtatious things to the other girls too, then probably he’s doin the same thing to you, however the intensity is. don’t pay much attention to it. but if he really like you he must be sayin it straight out.

Answer #2

if that is what hes doing hes a total as*, he probably likes you but you know the whole thing about being a flirt with a lot of girls makes it a little complicated, but any girl he flirts with including what he does to you he probably likes so yah he probably likes you but its also possible your not his top choice so just because he might like you doesnt neccesarily mean your the girl he wants to go out with.

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