Do guys like it when you bite or rub your teeth gently on their tongue when kissing?

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will sum1 plz answer this...guys especially xx (: plz <3

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I know that they like it when you do it on their bottom lip. Tongue I haven't tried. But I suppose he should.

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The tongue is kinda sensitive, i'd be careful biting it, but lips are good. It honestly depends on the guy.

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men have different opinions, me personally wouldnt know coz i have never had it done to me, but yea this is one of those questions where the answer will be.. it depends on the guy, some will like it, some wont like it and some just wont be fussed

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kk tanx guys!! :)

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Ur soo sound ;)

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depends on the guy.. i personally thing it feel kinda cool, makes me feel kinky and gets me n the mood, faster idk y.. but yea... every guy is different,,, but im sure most guys out there would like it/ not care

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Everyone likes some weird things somethings are for some people but me personally hell no lol I'm sorry

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My boyfriend doesn't but he lovesssss when I suck on his bottom lip or gently bite it. Tongue no, Lip yes.

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they love it when u bite der bottom lip n lick it =]

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no, personaly for me i would hate u, and i am a guy. but for some guys they like it, so it depends

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im a guy sum times i do sumtimes i dont but most of the time i luv it

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