Guys think bout a girl's downstairs having hair?

Guys- Wht do you think bout a girl’s downstairs having hair?

Answer #1

I love older age stuff! Shag carpeting is from the 70’s! ! I would think it’s cool if my girlfriend had hair downstairs. Though it might be kinda gross in the bathroom or the kitchen. =D

Actually I don’t personally care either way about pubic hair. Whatever is natural I guess.

Answer #2

Every guy likes it differently,me I’d rather have a girl hairless,I have my reasons.

Answer #3

As long as is not like a jungle then is ok. I hate hair in my mouth.

Answer #4

well I know im a girl I just wanted to say that you shouldn’t shave it because I have a friend who shaved it once and got a really bad infection so you could trim it and do bikini waxes or whatever but don’t try and get rid of it all because that will probably end bad.

Answer #5

I dont like hair on a woman…

oral sex leaves me with pupes in my mouth

and once I scratched my bell end entering a jungle

make your vagina sexy with a cool brazilain or summet ;)

Answer #6

I like the downstairs to have something in the form of hair.

Trimmed is what I prefer. It’s neater and easier to keep clean for the gal and never gets stubble..

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