Guy troubles. Please help!

Okay soo I need help really bad.

Theres this guy named spencers who is completely in love with me. And I thought I was in love with him too. But I said that because I couldnt have him at the time because I was going out with a kid named alistair.

So a few days ago I break up with alistair because I started liking spencer alottt. After I broke up with alistair, he seemed completely fine. And we were still friends.

And then I realized that I needed to be single to understand what I really wanted. I dont know who I want. And now alistair asked out this girl who I hatee. But he did it so it would be ‘easy’ on me and for me to ‘just go out with spencer.’

But before he asked out that girl he was saying how much he loves me and he’ll wait for me and that im a one of a kind girl. And he even gave me one of his drawings(hes never given anyone one of his drawings before)

I’m superrr confusedd

Answer #1

You might want to just tsit back and do you rpors and cons. You can also start asking yourself: Is this LOVE or is this INFACTUATION? Why do I have these feelings? What is it that I do for them, and what do they do for me in return? What is it about me that attracts me to them? (is it my mind, my physical appearance, how I carry myself?) Do I honestly see this relationship going somewhere, if this IS really love?

Hope I helped! : ) If you need me FunMail Me1

Answer #2

They have both litteraly gotten in a fightt over me. Like a physical fight, It was scarryy.

Answer #3

ok take a couple weeks to think then ask urself who;d you rather date then even if alistar is still going out with someone else etc you can talk to both of them , I think alistar seems a gd choice

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