why is it that when a guy has a somewhat small or medium pen!s girls are ok with it, but when girls have little boobs guys dont like it or they make fun of

them? is it just a teenage boy thing, because this one girl at my school is very little and she is small breasted as well, and in the computer lab the guy sitting next to me said “hey so and so, u have little boobs” but then i see adult men with small breasted girls, and then girls are always with diferent sized men. but it always seems like teenage boys make a big deal out of it, and grown men dont care, but mabey im wrong

Answer #1

Immature guys do that, mature guys don’t. Some guys prefer larger breast, some guys prefer small breasts, it’s just personal preference. Also, it’s not just guys that do that…immature girls have also made fun of guys with smaller pen!ses.

Answer #2

i know some girls do it, but it doesnt seem as common to me as it seems that guys do it

Answer #3

actually i happen to like women with smaller racks- so i guess it all depends on the maturity level and the individual male, the younger more immature guys would most likely poke fun at small boobs.

Answer #4

I think that it all depends on the guy and all, everyone has something that they like better than the other. That’s why sometimes you just have to search and search for the pearson that fits you right :)

Answer #5

It’s not always like that!

Answer #6

hahah this is funny, but i agree with you, girls won’t normally comment on a guy’s pen!s and guys actually do comment on girl’s boobs, whether they’re to small or what ever, when they become too comfortable with one specific girl./ they think they can say anything and it wont bother us!!!!!!

Answer #7

does it really matter what size? i mean, come on, it shouldn’t. so what if a guy has a small pen!s? so what if a girl has small boobs? it dont matter.

Answer #8

good question!

Answer #9

well girls wear shirts that show their chests, so anyone can see the size of your boobs, guys however really have to be naked to see how big theirs is, so its easier to notice a girls boob size and make fun of her for it.

Answer #10

Its the way some guys are just i know a girl who won’t date a man with small hands thinking that might mean that he’s small else where. Where as i’m with a guy who could care less about my chest size so i know there a guys that don’t care. Every one is different and likes different things so find the one you like and likes you and ignor the others.

Answer #11

i personally as a guy like bigger breasts, but not too big, but thats just me, but i have also not been mean to girls with smaller boobs, i actually was going out with a girl for a year with small boobs, and i was fine with it, as angelee said, its immature guys and im not one of em :)

Answer #12

Because they are arrogant and boobs are for their delight

Answer #13

When I first got with my boyfriend I was 15 :/ and I was only a 32B then but he didn’t really care. I’m not particually big breasted now at nearly 19 - I’m an average 34C but my boyfriend likes my boobs. He says they’re a handful and that is all that’s needed. So I agree with the others, it depends on the maturity of the boy.

Answer #14

Honestly some guys are just immature , and its retarded because boobs arent EVERYTHING , why cant guys just accept a girl for who she is instead of discriminating on her body because she has lack of breast like so what if the girl doesnt have any boobs , atleast she has a personality and a brain.

Answer #15

idk what planet the girls that ur generalizing are from..but girl..that is soooo not true. lol. MOST girls can’t stand a smaller-than-life penxs. guys are the ones who normally make an exception. i personally can work around that factor but it depends on the maturity of the person who’s passing judgment.

Answer #16

haha now that im thinking about it urright, but i think its just a teen boy thin, normally older or mature guys make the exception, but also different guys just prefer different things.

Answer #17


Answer #18

like your ans lol

Answer #19

like your ans lol

Answer #20

i honestly don’t know any guy thats cares that much about breast size. but i know lots of girls that care about the size of the guys pen*s. more and more girls are becoming jerks about that kind of thing.

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