Does a guy mature after he has sex?

Answer #1

No….a lot of guys actually degrade in intelligence, to be honest. Being sexually active does not make you more mature.

Answer #2

No, unfortunatly they do not. Having sex has no affect on most people maturity levels.

Answer #3

Depends on the guy I think I mean some guys become more immature when it comes to sex after they do it, but some(very few) see their partners in a new light…I guess what I’m trying to say is that sex will make some guys h0rny little b@stards or sex will make some guys more connected with their partner.

Answer #4

Some guys never mature…

Answer #5

it’s the d**k head working during the process not their brain…unfortunatly i don’t think so

Answer #6

To most men in my opinion, after we have sex, its an addiction to a lot, and they want more and more. It could explain all the man-whores we’ve had recently. but i’m not goin to have sex at my age :P it seems a bit, out of my league right now.

Answer #7

When my friend Willy began Dating he was Smart but After few Weeks he Became kinda Dumb.not That serious Guy i Used to no,it Doesnt make a Guy mature When he has Sex.

Answer #8

wait do people get mature after sex?? :\

Answer #9

A lot of guys, including older ones, get hung up on their peer group or society’s apparent expectations of ‘manliness’. There’s a natural desire for young people to find this magical threshold - especially after you’ve spent years pushing boundaries and trying to find out how far you can go without being jailed! Humans are born explorers, so no surprises here, In primitive tribes, male ‘maturity’ is judged by the elders rather than saying it magically happens on a particular birthday as we appear to do in the West today. The primitive celebration of rite of passage for malehood marked the point at which the whole tribe acknowledged that an individual could now be considered elgible to pair with a woman. In modern Western society, this ceremony (in the UK) became simply ‘21’ and a parent would then give you your own key to the front door to symbolise that society now considered you a mature adult who knew what they were doing it they stayed out late. Rather than the entire tribe (=everyone who you could possibly know) recognising the fact, you were simply ‘old enough’. 100y ago, sexual precociousness (teens who were physically sexual ahead of the ‘normal’ time) was rare and regarded as unnatural or unhealthy or a sign of ‘poor breeding’/bad parenting. By the 1970’s it had become obvious that sexual precociousness had become rather common, and modern education (maybe!) enabled teens to make better judgments about their ability to have responsible sexual relations from age 18, and later 16. The issue with this is that it is a minimum age, not an automatic date on which you will suddenly become filled with all the knowledge that will enable you to become a good parent if you get someone pregnant. Parenting is 16-20y of seriously hard work, and a good many parents tbh are not that good at it. The only thing that happens after your first sexual experience is that you realise a) so that’s what all the fuss is about, and b) that there’s a lot more to learn than you first thought. Male and female maturity is way more complex than 15mins in bed or the back of a car. Sexual maturity is a biological milestone, but I’d say most people don’t really mature as individuals until they reach 30ish - that’s the point when you finally think to look back at the “early maturity” phase of your life and think ‘I thought I knew it all when I was 20, but I’d no idea how much I didn’t know, I was such a dork.’ Today, many ‘men’ think that ‘first conquest’, being desired by several women, or becoming a gang member, or just carrtying a blade = being a man. Wrong, it just makes you look kinda stupid to people who’ve spent a few more years trying to work it all out. The fatal assumption I think, is that we assume the end of school learning means we’ve arrived somewhere. Wrong, it’s just the start of the next learning process. The fatal mistake is to assume that you won’t be tested on what you learn next….

Answer #10

That really is a question which is tough to answer, because more then likely every male @ some point prior to being in a physical relationship with a Women, pleases themself during some period of their life.

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