How does a guy feel about their girlfriend watching porn?? (or a girl who watches porn in general.)

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me personally thinks its great, it does do good for the peoples sex life and gives you great ideas for new things to try regardless of weather your only watching it for pleasure the things you see that turn you on will stick in your mind and probably make you want to try them with your other half, it does with me and everyone i know so yea i think its great. but people have their own preferences.

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i think thats pretty cool actually ... i like a girl who isnt afraid to live a little, and be a little crazy sometimes, and theres absolutely nothing wrong with watching porn. now, dont get me wrong, i have nothing against girls who do not watch porn, thats a personal choice, but i think that its awesome if they do

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it makes me jack off everytime

Girls watching porn?/
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i dont like that at all ....

When a girl likes to watch porn is that weird?
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Its good. She'll be using a stimulation to meet her needs when i cant. You know? And she has an idea of what She wants to do

Do girls ever watch porn?
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My boyfriend encourages me to! You learn what you like and they can also learn from that. Watching it together is great too!

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My girlfriend and I watch porno together it's fun & make the sex hotter!

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