Guns experts lol

What are the best guns?
No I dont want to buy one but I want to know the names of bad a** guns.

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I have the S&W 500 Magnum - only handgun in the world advertised to 'take down any big game' - muzzle volicity almost 3 times that of a 44 Magnum - it's 50 caliber - not allowed to be shot in an indoor range.

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Kalajnickoff, that was the original USSR version of the AK-47, the RPG is pretty bad as*, anything Magnum, BFG (acronym for big fric*in gun, fictional), and a lot of the Halo guns are pretty cool.

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Colt 45 hand gun
lol learning this 4 a guy??

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choppa, mac 11,SKG,AR15, street sweepa, tech 9

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water gun/pistol? hahaha..
I don't know

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