Am I the only girl that likes guitar hero?

Am I the only girl that likes guitar hero???

Answer #1

I Love Music, so I fell in Love with GH when I bought it! I Love it! I wish they had some Cradle of Filth songs though. =( Lol, but they are probably too dark I guess.

Answer #2

I did it too I almost lost it was kinda hard but ya it was rad..

Answer #3

No way, I LOVE that game!! I like battle Lou with “Devil went down to Georga” It’s so rad!!

Answer #4

No! My cousin has it and when ever I go to his house we play it for hours. no joke.

Answer #5

ABSOLUTELY NOT !!! I love guitar hero ! It’s like half of my life ! I love it !!!

Answer #6

no I like playing guitar hero. I play it with my brother and he always wins because I suck but I still play

Answer #7

NO I LOVE IT!!! And I don’t have it :’( So I’m going into guitar hero withdrawal at college!!

Answer #8

no way are you being seeerius

Answer #9

I love it!!! what level can you play on??

Answer #10

No hahaah ilike it! [‘

Answer #11

My friend here2help has the game so I play it at her house…I wish I had it :(…someday maybe…

Answer #12

No way mannn. I LOVE ITTT!!! its so funnn.

Answer #13

no I love playing guitar hero!

Answer #14

I love it. it roxx

Answer #15

hell no! I LOVE guitar hero!! woot!

Answer #16

no I love it too

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