how can I persuade my parents to let me get grand theft auto 4?

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I'm 14 as well, and my Dad doesn't mind me playing any of the GTAs. he realises that I am mature enough and that I don't take the stuff in it seriously. I kind of depends what you parents are like. Loads of people play it, and personally, apart from the swearing its not actually that bad. GTA4 is awesome, the graphics are great :) But it really does just depend on what your parents are like. Good luck :)

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1st fact of Mature/17+ games. Never go 2 parents that say no!! Cause they always stick to no. Unless they like the game 2...

Now here's what you do.

Go to Grandparents 1st: They always seem to not care and will buy it 4 u.(thats how I got mine.)

2nd: If 1st doesn't wrk go to Older cousin: They are cool with buying games 4 lil cuzins. That iz If their not stuck up...(and if parents ask where you got it frm you lie your A** off) and yes I know lieing is bad... but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Last resort: ASk random people in store to buy it for you.(make sure you have the money 1st) Keep asking people till 1 says yes.

That's how me and my friend got Dead rising.

hope this helps

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I hoep they NEVER let ouplay it..such an immoral game!

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well my mum and dad let me but you could say that one of your friends have it [one of your friends that they no] or buy it then let your dad do a mission and he might think its ok or if you cant be able to buy it then next time your in the shops with your mum or dad then take them in the games shop and sometimes they have it out in the shop so you can try it =] was it helpfull no?

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im 14

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I can see how they dont let you theres swearing,drugs,s**,violence. but my mum doesnt no that she only no's theres swearing!


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I don't think they gonna let you play it because of the claims about it
"making people go crazy"

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well what age are you my little brother plays it and hes 9!!

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