How to tell if my pitbull puppy will get big?

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How big were his or her parents?

Is he a purebred, if he is look at the breed standard on AKC.

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Can you post a picture?

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The parents are your best indicators...


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when was it weaned? are the parents well taken care? feed your dog great food and and it will grow to its potential

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I wondering the same about mine she is 4 months she will be 5 months on christmas she is a american rednose pitbull female purebreed

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Parents' size and body structure play the key roles in size and mass of the pups.

My 7 week old blue fawn has a big head, big feet and extra large bones in legs. He's a chunk.

The pup will be born either slim and average or big boned and tough, this was the only one out of 6 with these distinctions. Mother is 50 pound red nose pure blood, father was 90 pound pure blood blue.

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I have a 6 month old 45 lbs red nose purebreed pit how can I tell how big shes gonna get?

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oh thats easy. any dog that has very large paws when its a puppy will grow very large. either tall, ro fat.

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my pitbull is 20 mths he's reaaly tall but not as thick as I think he should be his paws are huge and his ears too and his skin is still really loose but he is already 20 mths I'm worried that he's running out of time to fill out can anyone help me

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If the paws are big the dog will be big... if the skin is exsessively loose the dog will be big... and if the ears are out of purportion and to large the dog will be big... if it has a wide chest it will be big.

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