Is it normal for your vag to have a white creamy discharge if soo, what does it mean ?and why does it happen? Its soo gross…

Answer #1

Assuming you have not had your first period yet, then yes this the discharge from your vagina that helps to keep it clean. It will become slightly thicker once you begin to ovulate (eggs released from the ovaries) each month. Usually, the signs of oncoming puberty start with the development of the breast buds (these are kinda hard little lumps directly underneath the skin of the areola and nipple)n once that starts normally your vagina will begin to release the creamy white discharge you are asking about. “Normally a girl who has experienced the development of breast buds and having a discharge–will begin to menstruate about a year after. First periods may be only old, built up blood and will be a dark to light brown. Some may start earlier, others may start much later. If you are uncomfortable with the discharge getting on your panties, then try a really thin panti-liner which will make you feel a little better! Hope this helped! {• : )>

Answer #2

yes, its normal your vagina is a self cleaning organ and discharge is just what it cleans out discharge can be clear, milky white or light yellow and its liquidy goo that comes out of your vagina every day, often, or every now and then that’s why there’s an extra piece of material in girls underpants because of discharge

Answer #3

It is just your body “flushing” itself. Nothing to worry about unless the color changes or there is a smell. Wear pantyliners.

Answer #4

it means your hot, your gettingg your period soon, its you vag cleaningg itself or you got the yeast

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