Is it gross for your bf or gf to burp in front of you?

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in private=who really cares I actually like a girl who isn't "afraid" to be like that around me
in public=kinda weird but not really gross...but thats just me

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Oddly enough, I kind of think it's cute when my man does it. He's not one to burp obnoxiously or anything, they're always just little ones, and I think it's adorable. With anyone else, I can't stand it, at least not those impolite monstrous ones that leave the room smelling like their lunch, yuck.

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When you first start out dating the person, it may come across as rude and could be a major turn-off. However, if you've been dating a while, and are comfortable around each other... and it's just you two, I don't see anything wrong with it.

It really just depends on the people involved in the relationship, and how they feel about the subject.

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I agree, wait til you get married then it gets even worse! :P

I cant burp, and I really never have

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Haha :P

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How is it gross everybody does its natural lol burping, farting its okay with me lol

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yeah, i'll be honest if my bf did that i would just attack him...:L
but if we had been going out for ages i would be ok with it lol :))

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it does & u know it...:P

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i think that its kind of cute if its a little burp or accidental one but a long and purpose one is a real turn off

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In my opinion no it's usually not if we're comfortable with it. I burp alot sometimes and it can even get to the point where it becomes almost a game. I'll burp and he'll rate it based on how loud and long xD

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lmao thats actually adorable!

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If u can't let it out in front ur loved one then where can u let it out?

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I think it would be sort of gross but alright hahah.but not then for them to kiss me...uhh no..sorry lol.

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where should I send you, your gasX. jk!
I'm kid'n Nova-Kane.. To each his own-
own fart, own burp, own loaf.... ha,ha!

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