Great danes breeding

I have a 1 year old female great dane, my friend has a 1 1/2 year old one he wants to breed them is it a good idea to breed so soon?

Answer #1

First a Great Dane is a Giant Breed…that means she will not mature until at least 24 months…so, YES…one year is WAY TOO YOUNG.

Please do some research on breeding dog. Simply “wanting” to do so isn’t a good enough reason to do it. Is this female a purebred? Registered? Do you know the “standards” for this breed? Does she fit those standards? Do you know what you’re looking for in a stud dog? Does the stud make up for things your female might lack?? Would YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE???

You can’t just “know” somebody with a same breed dog, and then consider a mating a good thing. If you think this is a good way to make some extra cash…you’re wrong on that…”Breaking even” is considered doing well. This kind of thinking is a huge part of why they kill millions of dogs every year in the US…


Answer #2

YOu dont have to wait until they are 2 but its a good idea to let her mature a little because it will help with her mothering instincts, breeding too young she won’t be as focused on the puppies. Its recommended to let the female come into heat atleast once before breeding her as well as having her spayed. Im a vet tech, this is all true info by the way..:)

Answer #3

Don’t bred. Please, please take a few minutes to look up Many (thousand/millions) of dogs are being KILLED each year due to over population. Note: Even if you don’t care about the millions that are dying, think about your dog’s babies; some/all may end up in shelters as well.

You don’t know anything about breeding; please don’t be offended, but it’s really not neccesary to bred your dog. Note: Females can DIE while giving birth. Think about it.

Answer #4

I don’t think you should breed your dogs. Unless maybe your dogs are from champion lines. Breeding your pets without any professional knowledge about dog breeding and Great Danes could lead to many negative effects, like passing down hereditary diseases and unwanted temperaments for example.

You should check out the Code of Ethics for members of the Great Dane Club of America ( to give you an insight of how complicated it is to responsibly be a champion great dane owner/breeder.

Answer #5

no you have to wait at least until they are 2

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