lets say I posted a video of me and my friend on youtube. would I call it “jessica and I” or jessica and me”

please only answer if your posative lol :P

Answer #1

irautmann; I’m asking for the PROPER correct way to say it. I’m pretty sure the queen wouldnt say “ my son and me” or “charles and me” I think she would be more likely to say “charles and I”

lol I need correct answers.

Answer #2

Jessica and me is correct for modern English.

It should be ‘I’ only if you have a verb, with I/Jessica and I as the subject. For example: ‘Jessica and I went dancing’

Answer #3

it would be jessica and I.

you would use me when you do not refer to someones direct name before it.

“my mother and me” “my pastor and me”

jessica and I dr. kim and I

Answer #4

jessica and I…

Answer #5

I’m pretty sure it would be Jessica and I

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