Grade 8 history help!!!

Can someone amswer these for me , or at least some ?! :$

  1. Identify the cultures that clashed as people moved into the west (Canadian settlers and the metis) explain some of their differences and how this led to conflict (lifestyles; livliehood; beliefs; customs; traditions; health)

2.explain the ideas of the buffalo hunt, the red river cart and the Metis sash.

  1. Explain the events of the red river cart resistance

  2. The Canadian gov realized a need for law and order to the vast new territory of the west. Why and how did they go about doing this with the north west mounted police ?

  3. How was the role of the mounted police changed from the 1870’s to present day?

  4. The Canadian gov and the aboriginal ppls in the west viewed the land differently, explain how the differences in the viewpoints

  5. The French and british had established treaties with the aboriginal ppls for different reasons. Explain the reasons behind the Canadian gov establishing treaties with the aboriginals in the west

  6. What was the significance of the railway being expanded into the western territory. And what type of effect did this have on the aboriginal people?

  7. Explain ‘the pacific scandal’ how did this impact the completion of the railway?

I need help REALLY bad, I pay attention in history, but I just don’t understand it! Helppp me PLEASE

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