Gr. 8 Math Homwork! HELP ASAP! PLS!

If there is a traingular prism (the triangle is an isoscels triangle), and the height of the prism is 5cm, the height of the triangle is 3cm and the base of the traingles is 3.5cm, what is the length of the unknown side/the length of the prism? Explain your answer.

Does anybody get this answer? Nobody in my class can get it either. :(

Answer #1

I’m not english so first of al, how old are you b/c our schoolgrades are divided differently, and I don’t understand the description of your prism, could you add a pic?

Answer #2

im 13 years old in canada and heres a pic I found on google: chick the link I couldnt get it on here:

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