How should I go about asking my grandparents for birth control?

and i dont want them cuz im having sex or anything, but cuz like i get RLY RLY bad cramps like i culd cry, and birth control is supposed to help

Answer #1

Well, if it’s for your cramps, I think that should be fine. But if your grandparents(<__< B/c you said gparents) say no. You can say them to talk to a doctor about something you can take at your age to ease the pain. I know how you feel,hun. Mine hurt like hell(Like wanna cry) on the 1st day then the rest of the week is just fine. :/ It’s werid….I wish boys had Periods.

Answer #2

Birth control can help with that. If you moan about the cramps and ask your parents to take you to the doctor, the doctor will most probably recommend birth control for you. That will be easier than the dramas that will go with asking your parent lol.

Answer #3

just ask ur mom is her responsability to tell you:) is something normal && not bad, if you actually were pregnant that would be a little hard to tell or ask but thats different:)

Answer #4

omg! I hope you find a way. I have the strictest mom ever no matter what she would never go for it. I cant even date someone one year older then me. I am very mature for my age but she wont budge. but good luck!

Answer #5

lol oh believe me i do. im up at like 2 am crying lol

Answer #6

I want to gain like 20lbs. but she just says no try another way

Answer #7,

Answer #8

i didnt plan on that till i was older,

Answer #9

You dont ask for birth control. You ask to go see a doctor. The doctor will then prescribe what they feel is best. Now, of course, if you are having sex, you try to speak to the doctor alone and explain.

Answer #10

im not having sex lol im only 13!

Answer #11

if your grandparents say no for you wanting to be protected against having a child at a young ge thengo to a planned parenthood near you. You will go through this process with them but in the ned you will get the pills that are right for you, and long talk about sex.

Answer #12

just do it. You’re going to be sexual active whether they like it or not. It’s in the interest of you, and if they can’t realize that just go to plan parenthood.

Answer #13

there is these pills you can take called midol to ease the pain while you are on your period :)

Answer #14

yea. i know. they dont help. period. ive tried that.

Answer #15

While i do not agree with unprotected sex, you do have to remember that your grandparents grew up at a very different time than you are growing up in. To them sex before marriage was more than likely a sin. Now, we’re not in the 60s anymore, but you do have to be understanding with them in regards to this topic. If you are wanting birth control for the reason of having sex the best advice is to not lie to them. SHould you lie to them and they find out it can be horrible, they can feel like they do not trust you, and believe me trust is one of the hardest things to earn back with an alder.

Be honest with them, and explain to them your reasons. Tell them it is not just about the sex but that it is because of all the benefits. For instance birth control is used commonly for regulating your period, for reducing the amount of bleeding, and reducing your cramps and at times they even help with acne! Should you ever be put in a situation where you want to have sex with someone at least you will be prepared. But be honest, remember they were young too. And like the old quote says “been there, done that, wrote the book”

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