Government Questions (Extra Credit!!!)

Were can I find out more about certain country’s form of leadership, how the leader is selected, and the voting rights and personal freedoms of citizens other than school? I want to do an extra credit report about every country on earth that tells all of this information. And, to top it off: I left my textbook at school! Please help! It will be much appreciated!

Answer #1

look the country up on google. for example… united states… write in: United states government

Answer #2

…bear in mind, though, that there are currently between 192 and 195 countries in the world, depending on how you count therm. There are 192 member countries in the UN, but that number doesn’t include the Vatican State or Kosova. The US State Department recognises 194. Political reasons determine the differences in counts. (Also have a look at

Anyhow, that adds up to an awful lot of countries. Maybe you’d better limit your focus if you want to finish before next Christmas?

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