Government Auctions on Foreclosed Real Estate?

I am sick of this whole real estate bust talk and i want to find something to invest in that may actually make some money through this turbulent time. I know that there are foreclosed houses that go up for auction and I know that some of those are controlled by the government. Is there a list I can get to find these auctions? I checked the US Marshal’s site but there weren’t any lists I could find with properties or an auction of any kind.

Answer #1

If you go to your local, there is usually a link. Keep in mind if you are not a Realtor then there is usually a fee. When you buy a foreclosed property, check your state law on the return of property. In most states the person that has lost the home has one year to reclaim it, even if you have put money into it. They will have to reimburse you the monies that you have put into it. Good luck.

Answer #2

It really depends on where you live. Contact the recorder or county clerk for your location and ask them by phone where they have their forclosures / auctions, or what their process is. Banks have auctions sometimes as well, but the easiest thing to do would be to contact the local county recorder or clerk. Good luck.

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