What is gout and how do you get it?

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It's an arthritis ... while the exact causes are really just guess-work, it has been found that those with high-protein diets are more susceptible to it than others. While certain lifestyles may not actually prevent it from happening, you can reduce your chances by maintaining enough water in your body.

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Exactly right according to what a couple of old felllas that I know who have it say.

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Does uric acid have anything to do with it

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I know when my friends dad was battling it before he passed away the doctor had him cut WAY back on wild game (deer and elk) and he was supposed to limit his potassium.

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If I understand it correctly it has to do with your liver and it's ability to process. Someone I knew had it and was told to cut out wild game and beer...When the liver is overloaded and can't process correctly, it shoots out particles back into the bloodstream. Those particles attach themselves to the joint areas and form cysts. My guess is that gout is a result of the same thing happening.

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