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I received a TEXT message from a number in Arcadia, CA on Dec. 25th, wishing me a MERRY CHRISTMAS. I looked it up on the reverse cell phone and it was listed as blue license holding llc and with a note at the bottom saying that no name was available. A Merry Christmas TEXT to my number on Christmas day was not unusal because I got many of them, but what was unusual was that the number came up and I don’t know anyone in Arcadia and everyone who text’s me, their name comes up along with their number then the text message. I was just curious to see who the hell was wishing me a Merry Christmas in Arcadia and could not get an answer. What the hell is that all about???

Answer #1

its most likely a wrong number during any time, but holdidays more so people send lots of texts and stuff to all there friends wishing them things like merry christmas and its not hard to accidently type in the wrong number and then press send because so many people do it I’ve also gotten lots of txts from people I dont know so most likely the accidently sent it to the wrong number

Answer #2

Go to the Sprint store, or whatever phone service you have, and ask them to track the number, then reply to them.

Answer #3

Send a reply

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