Good ways to make money

Hey im so desprete to make a lot of money Im too young to get a job in a shop or w.e And I really want to earn a lot of money Please any help or suggestions on what I cud do

Answer #1

sorry just honestly, it’s not easy, especially with the economy being in the crapper like it is, that’s not going to change. this question is very broad and not easy to answer. You’re going to have to go to school. if you want a steady job, go into nursing, that’s the only field that’s growing now, as opposed to being downsized like everyone else. take business classes, that always helps tremendously, no matter what you decide to do…you can start your own business, look at what the Napster guy did, after all. you can become an artist, a writer…there is so much you can do. but you either have to have talent or be really smart (I’m not saying you’re not) but you know what I mean. times are not easy now…and won’t be for a while

Answer #2

sell drugs lol

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