What is a good time to wait in line for the midnight showing of Harry Potter?

I was thinking 10:30/10:45-ish, maybe. I don’t know…

Answer #1

You should buy your tickets in advance, either at the theater or online if you want to get in to see the showing. Midnight showings sell out fast.

Answer #2

If I go to the movies, and this is rare, I wait till the movie is almost out of the theater, this way there is no line and there is also less people in the theater to watch the movie.

Answer #3

i did. :3 but what time should i go and wait for good seating?

Answer #4

sorry, i got a little excited about this movie because i just finished the book. so i really want to see it at midnight. (also, i’ve never done this before.)

Answer #5

Well, the best time would be about 10:00-10:30. That way you aren’t in the very back of the line to get in and you wont get stuck with crappy seats. I have gone to all the midnight showings of Twilight (yes I know I’m 28 I shouldn’t be like that, but I LOVED the books so I had to) and each time I have gone earlier and earlier to get in line. Also yes, buy your tickets in advance Fandango.com is a good place to get them. =) Have fun!

Answer #6

umm. Go when you feel like you need to go. When Harry Potter calls, answer your phone. Don’t let it go to voicemail. You may miss an opportunuty

Answer #7

Nothing to be sorry for, you are young, have fun and enjoy life.

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