Good support groups online for teens whose mom died

My mom died april 5 2009 and I was wondering is their any counselars or groups online that will help any ideas?

Answer #1

My kids ran to their friends - their friends knew and cared and it was okay, Today, their friends are still there. Who are your friends - be with them - they know you better than any consoler? It’s been a long time and my kids still remember so I hope that that you never forget and live like your mother would want you to.

I had a friend that lost her husband and she would come into the bar and one night I told her “Cathie, you are not alone, look down the bar “ I told her of all the people that were in her shoes and she never knew how many had been there.

 Young lady, you have never been alone. 
 Remember, talk TO HER,  "MOM, do you like this dress, do you want me to go to this dance, I saw --- tonight - wasn't he nice ---

My wife has been gone 25 years and I talk to her every night. (I feel like I'm talking to her daughter now)
Answer #2

well like my friends are just loss on how to help and dont help much and get agrevated at me

Answer #3

im very sorry to hear that :(

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