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good story plot?

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well im thinking about writing a story. its going to be fantasy. its going to be about this girl(dont know her name yet) ok well there on a different planet then us(dont know the plantes name yet either) well and they have magical creature like pegasus and unicorn and stuff. and she is in school learning too become a knight rider of a pegasus or unicorn. they protect there country from danger and fight in wars and stuff. well she learning to become one and when the pegasuses and unicorns are born and turn 6 months they choose a rider. the pegasus or unicorn can talk with their mind to their rider only and to mages. (people with magical powers her friend is learning to be one of these) she gets a pegasus. and the rest of the story is about her training with it and stuff. and near the end she goes into a battle with some immortals(killer centaurs,snake things evil pagasus and unicorns)(they are terrozing a town) and becomes a knight. then im going to do a second book about a war with another country. is this a good story plot?