What's good for a sore throat?

Answer #1

Cough syrup? Soothers, Lemon tea etc.

Answer #2

tea with honey cough syrup cough suppressants like Ricola swiss herb(my fav & only one I use these day) a salt & warm water rinse to gargle(take a glass of warm water, not hot nor cold, add half a teaspoon of salt & make sure you gargle it…DO NOT under any circumstance SWALLOW IT!)

the next step is to schedule a doc’s appointment to get some antib’s!

hope this helped & feel better!

Answer #3

Hot tea with lemon & with raspberry. Also this other recepie that always helps me…hot milk with coco butter…look up the recepie on google bc i dont rememeber.

Answer #4

Hot Water, Honey, Prue Lemon Juice & Mix It All Together xxx :p

Answer #5

For a sore throat, it helps me to put lots of salt into water and gargle it for about a minue. Normally works! hope you feel better! Love, Dana

Answer #6

hot tea it tried it one time it helped a lot oh and i didnt try this but i heard that if u put honey in it that its supossed to taste way better oh and sometimes at some stores they have cough drops but they dont work nearly as good as tea does well for me anyway oh and feel better soon

Answer #7

a bit of both honey and lemon in some tea gargol warm water with salt in it sleep for hours and hours get well soon <3

Answer #8

lemons…. suck on them

Answer #9

Gargle with salt water….

Answer #10

Thanks everyone, feeling alot better :)

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