Good songs for modern/lyrical dance

For people who have taken lyrical or modern...good songs for a lyrical or modern dance(solo)...not hip hop or jazz

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Almost Love by A Fine Frenzy
Let Go by Frou Frou
Taking Chances by Glee Cast
Ordinary Day by Vanessa Carlton
Breathe Me by Sia
Set Fire To The Third Bar by Snow Patrol
Remembering Sunday by All Time Low
...and anything by Missy Higgins!

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Most songs by Maria Mena are BEAUTIFUL for solos! Especialaly lyrical/modern type. Miss You Love and Sorry are just a couple. More unique ones are songs by Cocorosie, but Id suggest those for a more trained dancer with unique movement because the songs are so cool and different. :)

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I've danced to quite a few songs, so I should know what I'm talking about. ;)
I would try:
Beautiful Things by Andain,
Beauty from Pain by Superchick,
Brave by Idina Menzel,
or Cruel by Tori Amos.
I'm not so sure if Cruel would work amazingly with a solo, but it's possible. The others are pretty good solo-wise. I highly suggest Brave, it's such a beautiful song and it's fun to dance to. =) I know I didn't give a lot of songs, but I still hope I helped! Good luck with your solo! I hope you find an awesome song! <33

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I'm a dancer so ik exactly what you mean when you say modern!
some really good ones are
-myphilosophy by inner
-ramalama by roisin murphy (they have some other good ones too such as night of the dancing flame)
-swing life away by rise against
-raise it up from august rush
-let it be by the beatles
-closing in by imogen heap (and candlelight by them)
I hope that at least some of these were a help! :-) good luch on your search!

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let the drummer kick by citizen cope

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prodgiy is the artist. take me to the hosptal, omen, breathe, out of space. hell all there songs.
a more mello and slower band is muse. time is running out, look em up.

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There are lots of good options for lyrical dance. This site has a list of suggestions!

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