What's a good name / slogan for the new side business i'm launching?

I'm about to launch a new side business, where I'll freelance copy edit things for people. I'll edit everything from articles to blogs to student essays to PhD dissertations (just finished my second freelance dissertation, and I loved editing it!). But I need a company NAME and SLOGAN. What ideas do you have for a name/slogan for a freelance copy editing side business?

PS- Hi, FunAdvicers! I've missed you!


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edits r us? Global Editing? DSE? Editing Solutions? Gramatical expertise lending Corp.? Soft Market Editing enterprize? Hanks Rural Editing? Flashy Smile woman Editing? :)

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Editoraus - with a nerd dino slogan :D

nice seeing you again here dara! :D

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These are from the top of my head

Editor Enterprises - Editing it To Make It Right!
Solomon Edit's - Making Your Hard Work 10x Better
Darediting - I Edit It And Make it Work!
FreelancEditing - Making It Look Good is What I Do

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sorry, the dino is the logo, not the slogan :D

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Editing people

" Touch makes everything perfect "

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Proof Perfect - editing for success.

SharperText - text polishers.

32pt - make your text outstanding.

Writeworthy - adding value to your text.

Think about your preferred market. You are addressing several different segments here. Do you want to 'blunderbuss' and make one size fit all, or focus? You might want a separate id/website for each, as different images appeal to bloggers versus PhD folk or writers. One group may prefer a professional sounding brand, others will resonate to something more urban. Age bands and social classes may also favour different branding and imaging. You'd be wise to test market by asking different people which ones they'd pick from a list, otherwise you risk de-selecting a part of the market you really wanted to serve.

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Touch in Time-We'll put a new touch on your memories

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