What is a good similie for "...as red as..."?

Like, her shirt was as red as__. or as bright as, either one. and not something like “as red as a tomato!”. something kind of deeper

Answer #1

…as red as the poppies the grew wild in the fields….

Answer #2

as bright as the sun, as bright like our love, as bright as her eyes, as bright as her smile?? hope it helped maybe just a little.

Answer #3

i like, “As red as a book!” haha! (or newspaper) seriously, though: blood; a stop sign; the communist flag; a hemmoroid; a campbell’s soup can; a cigar store injun; enron’s bottom line; the morning sun; santa’s coat.

Answer #4

wait.. better. AS RED AS SANTA’S SLEIGH!

Answer #5

-as red as the sunrise/sunset-

Answer #6

as red as a pimple! lol ummmmmm as red as the forbidden apple, as red as her irrisistable lips, as red as marylin monroe’s lipstick…..

Answer #7

a rose, a stop sign, blood, ketchup, depends how your using it or what your using it in.

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