good hard rock/love songs

what are some good hard rock love songs and heartbreak songs?

Answer #1

don’t cry by guns and roses. amazing song. betterman, state of love and trust, rearviewmirror all by pearl jam…hell anything by pearl jam, they’re amazing


Answer #2

I loads of songs thought not really hard rock Three days grace - gone forever, time of dying, riot Disturbed - down with the sickness, stricken, stupefied, the game, get pyscho, inside the fire Breaking Benjamin - Dance with the devil, dairy of Jane, the unknown soldier, follow me
System of a down - Ego Brain, Stream Korn - Souvenir, 10 or a 2 way, love song, throw me away 12 stones - far away 30 seconds to mars - Attach Green day - Desensitized Saliva - separate self Linkinpark - Paper cut Papa Roach - Getting away with murder Apocalyptic ft Adam Gontier(from three day grace) - I don’t care Drowning pool - Love and war

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