Good First Day of School Outfit?

okay im going into 8th grade this year and I want to look fabulous because were gonna dominate(: and we arent allowed to wear short shorts or miniskirts otherwise I would wear a mini.. im gonna wear a blue lacy abercrombie tank under the shirt. im gonna tie it(kinda?) at the bottom and pull it together with a long silver(but not shiny?!) peace necklace and juicy couture(viva la juicy) perfume. my jeans are gnna be from Buckle. theyre star flair($72)

Answer #1

I am going to 8th grade too! WOOT! hahah

anywayss, I think thats a good outfit for the first day!, but why does it matter how you look? wear whatever you feel good/comfortable in(: you’d look good either way ^__^

Answer #2

ye ait sounds was my first day and I wore a pink zebra hoddie/jacket over my rele cute gray peace shirt.and we rnt sposed to wear shorts that go past our hands when we put them against my sides but they went to like my palm =] lol but you couldnt rele tell…lol but yea and I lined up my braclets to make a rainbo.and I have a peae necklace 2.and everybody loved my outfit…lol but yea your outfit sounds cool…=]

Answer #3

Does it matter,Worry about school.

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