What are some naughty dares to do alone?

Hi I am a 14 year old guy and I need some good dares to do by myself when im bored and they need to be naughty.

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dare yourself to go to the park naked

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hi im 15 and I play truth or dare all the time. you could dare yourself to masturbate or something in that matter or if your flexible you can give yourself a blow job hahaha that be weird though

good naughty dares to do in truth or dare

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sit on a naughty ant hill with sugar between your but

flirty truth or dare questions and dares
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....naughty dares you can do by yourself? Why on earth would you dare yourself to do something? You sound very strange!!

Naughty Truth or dare?

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lol xavier412!! HAHAHA! but seriously...y the hell would you want to dare urself?! thats pretty strange..im a 13 yr old girl and now 14 yr old guys probably sound strange 2 me!

I need 10 dirty dares 4 truth or dare
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lick your dick

Dirty dares

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interesting. I think you need to find a naughty buddy that you can both like dare each other
lol goodluck xD
im a 15 yr old chick and I would laugh my arse off if I met a guy and hes like "when I was 14 I played truth or dare with myself and I was naughty"
lol anyway have fun xx

Dirty truth or dares

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