What are some good color combinations for kandi?

i want to make one for my bf and i can’t really think of any bead combinations…lmao..xP

Answer #1

-green and blue -blue and red -yellow and green -black and red hope i helped :)

Answer #2

i think the above answer’s combinations are the one i would like to write… you can make it any color you want but remember to make it boyish… -purple and black -blue and light blue -white and red in the image they look nice…you can choose any and make..all the best..haha

Answer #3

Thank you all for your suggestions! :D it really helped; i settled for black purple and blue(: lol

Answer #4

those are nice colors :) are you making a cuff or just a regular kandi bracelet?

Answer #5

Just a regular kandi bracelet…lol I suck at making cuffs lmao

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