What could be a good chinese symbol tattoo?

I want to get a chinese symbol meaning like love, strength, fate, hope, or something like that or a quote about life or anything that has a good meaning towards life, but i dont know what exactly. any suggestions, plz help.

Answer #1

I have only one tattoo, I got when I was 30, and it is of my children with my family crest. I do not know why you would want another language on your body, I guess maybe the Chinese get english tattoos.

Answer #2

What about your name or an element ( earth water fire etc)

Answer #3

I personally think chinese symbol tattoos are over-rated and ridiculous. Especially if you dont speak or read chinese, why the f*ck would you get a chinese symbol? You dont even know for sure what it means. I think you just want a tattoo so ad that you dont care what it is. You should wait for an idea to come to you and get a tattoo that actually means something.

Answer #4

This is crude, but I agree.

Answer #5


Answer #6

Chinese tattoos are actually beautiful. Why don’t you just get a Koi fish instead? Lol. Or get some lotus tattooed on you. Or some blossoms on the tree would be beautiful. Whatever you do, I don’t recommend getting a tramp stamp or anything on the lower tummy area… Its not very attractive. It puts a bad image on you. I’m pregnant right now & I’m waiting for my child to be born to put a beautiful tattoo I got in mind for my child <3

Answer #7

A dragon tattoo would be cute, but too commonly used.

Answer #8

I also agree…

Answer #9

:D! Again

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