Good book for a teenager??

Am going to the library today but I don’t know which books are good or not?

I like romance, fantasy, true stories, and “scary” books..

But I don’t like reading books for adults since am a teenager.

Any suggestions?

p.s. I’ve read all the twilight books

Answer #1

twilight Cirque du freak

those are both vampire series but I request Cirque Du Freak its way more interesting

Answer #2

ink heart

Answer #3

read before I die by jenny downham

Answer #4

Go Ask Alice 13 Reasons Why Glass Crank :D

Tell me if you like any of them! :DD

Answer #5

The Uglys series Elsewhere The seven deadly sins series Gossip Girls series The Clique series

Those are just a few I’ve read.

Answer #6

The golden compass, the subtle knife and the other one I forgot what it was called lol also romance of the three kingdoms, great book true(ish) story and about romance :)

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