what is a good bluetooth to get?

Answer #1

for what? your phone, mp3, computer, car? lol

Answer #2

phone sorry

Answer #3

dont be sorry lol, and im guessing you mean a good phone that has blutooth. in that case alot of them come with it now days, AT&T is what i have, with a hands free blutooth set. it was like 60 bucks. lol if that helps

Answer #4

bluetooth is bluetooth.. theres not 1 better than teh other cus their all teh same.

Answer #5

Then y does mine get high treble in it? I always have to turn people up and down on mine and I paid 80 bucks for it and its a motorola. If I didn’t get the high pitches all the time it wud b fine

Answer #6

bluetooth is a wireless connection, it doesnt make a noise.

your phone is bust.

get a nokia 6700 classic.

Answer #7

you can enter the website http://funadvice.com/r/bkoq0tbht8o. You can find many kinds of headsets that meets different needs. just go there to have a look !

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