Happy trail growing back disgusting

God I feel so gross.. I feel like a man..
I made the stupid decision to shave my happy trail for about a year now..and I've doing it ever since,but for no reason! I don't know..there was never even anything there..and now it just grows back thick like armpit hair. It's so coarse and grows back so fast!

I've tried shaving it*makes it worse
*nair *doesn't even help!
Don't want to bother with lazer cause its going to cost a lot of $$
What the f*ck should I do from it to stop growing??
I tried growing it out..and it looks disgusting I got to do something so I pluck it...
But uggh it's so bad! Please help!!

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maybe just keep it trimmed?

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That hair grows back thicker or faster after you shave is actually an urban legend. It might seem as if it's thicker or that there's more of it at first, but that's probably because you're not used to seeing it and because the follicle ends with a clean cut instead of a taper. You can wax it if you really want to, but once it finishes growing out you probably won't notice a difference.

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wax it.. but you should probably trim it up a little before you go.
it WILL hurt. but its honestly worth the pain because it pulls your hair folicules right out so when it grows back it'll grow back thinner.
and then waxing will get eaiser and easier.
don't do it urself at first. and I know its weird to let someone do that to you.. but trust me
and even though your hair will be thinner its not like you'll have less of it ..it just wont be thick strands.
you'll be more comfortible, anddd it lasts quite a while.

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No one understands..I have grown it out..and its like pubic hair! That's how bad it is!!

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Wax it... Or use nair if your skin isnt too sensitive...

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