is it normal for a 1-2 month goat to be in the house? my mom always lets it in because she thinks its just a baby and when she goes outside she cries…I always let it out…

Answer #1

I raised a goat in my house, too…don’t worry about it…it won’t be long before the goat wants to be outside so it can graze and eat her bushes.


Answer #2

HA I have more! na na na na na na.. haha Just kidding. I have horses, cats, dogs, fish, chickens, goats, birds, an iguana, a snake, uhhh I think thats it… ha

Answer #3

actually we have 3 puppies, 2 bunnies, 3 fish, 1 goat, and 1 cat who is gona have babies anytime this week…so ya:)

Answer #4

lol we have 3 puppies already! its like a farm in this house! 3 dogs, 3 fish, 2 bunnies,1 goat, 1 cat (that will have babies anytime this week)…so ya :)

Answer #5

haha, yah, the poop thing never goes away, ours didnt pee tho.. so I don’t know about that… hopefully your mom will notice the goat is growing up and it doesnt need to be inside all the time.. haha.. tell your mom she shud get a puppy =)

Answer #6

haha wow :) the thing I hate about our goat is that it poops and pees in the house and then the house smells bad :( haha

Answer #7

haha, yeah, ours ate our court documents, plants, dog food, wireing, wireing manuals.. EVERYTHING!!! lol

Answer #8

ya our goat eats the fake plants in our house…:)

Answer #9

haha, I raised a baby goat in my house.. untill she started eating everything!!!

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