What does GMMXLE mean?

Go to google and that’s what it looks like. I’m so confused.

Answer #1

It’s Roman Numerals for 2011 (that’s actually an “I, not an “L”) 1000 (M) + 1000 (M) + 10 (X) + 1 (I)= 2011

Answer #2

MMXI is the Roman numeral representation of the year 2011 that started today.

The have replaced the OOGL with MMXI to change

GOOGLE to GMMXIE to mark the new year

Nothing to worry about - thust a bit of fun.

– Happy new MMXI - Majikthise.

Answer #3

M stands for millenium i.e. a 1000 years. Thus 2 Milleniums. The X means 10 and the I means 1.

Therefore 2011

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