How do we keep our gmail or yahoo safe from hackers?

When I checked the details in my gmail I noticed that there are different IPs recorded in the list. It showed that some computer savvy people have managed to penetrate my gmail. The damaged has created a devastating effect on my adsense account as google has deleted my adsense because someone has put an undesirable link in my blog.

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Well, for starters, make sure you have a unique password (and it wouldn't hurt to change it regularly). Don't open anything from anyone you don't recognize.

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I guess my password is too straight forward and simple. I tend to maintain the same passwords for all my email addy. Thanks for the tips. I would bear that in mind.

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Always make sure you log out after using your email account, especially when you are browsing the web from cyber cafe or some other public location.

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Use complex passwords - letters, capitals, numbers, symbols.
Be careful checking your email at libraries and other public access places, a lot of times people will slip in key loggers.
Don't access anything important on a public open Wifi hotspot. Its ridiculously easy for someone to swipe your login cookies, giving them access to your account until they clear their cookies or the cookie times out. There is even a simple FF addon that lets you do it really easily.
Of course always keep your OS up to date with security updates, and its a good idea to run a good anti virus / security suit. Stay away from McAfee, it doesn't do crap.

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