Is global warming man made or natural?

Answer #1

I believe it may be natural but man made things are makeing it warm much faster

Answer #2

It is absolutely man-made. The world was made to be sustainable, meaning that everything cycles or flows, everything can return to it’s original state. Humans have done enough to the world that it can’t recover anymore, it’s just slowly getting worse.

Answer #3

Wonder if global warming exists….

Answer #4

Climate change happens for all kinds of reasons. The earth’s climate has changed in the past, and it will continue to do so. But there is a lot of evidence indicating the current global climate change trends are the result of increased levels of CO2, a direct result of human activity. This is what is driving the rise in global temperatures, the rapid retreat of glacial and Arctic sea ice, rising sea levels, and some suggest, increasingly erratic weather patterns in some parts of the world. Human-induced climate change is happening. What is disputed right now is exactly what the impacts will be, how fast they will happen, and whether they are avoidable.

Answer #5

scientists say that global warming happens around every 1000 years naturally

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