How to give a girl head?

how to give a girl head?

Answer #1

you can’t give a girl head unless she has a penis

Answer #2

well see if she wants you to do it first and see if you want to do it… then you can start by fingering her and kissing her breasts and work your way down. then start by licking the clit and the lips. then if your really feel brave and she is ok with it lick inside the lips. pay attention to her moans and other things like face expression and brething… hope I helped ~kaitlyn~

Answer #3

easy, get 2 lesbians and learn from them lolz or juss watch porn lolz

Answer #4

It’s really easy you just slowly go down and start licking it then you will know what you should do just keep paying attention to girl’s reaction then you will know what she likes ;)

Answer #5

you will know with intuition !?!? WRONG !!! As you work your tongue around down there, ask her to let you know what feels best. Ask her to show you her clitoris, and lick it lightly in circles, back and forth, and maybe even suck on it a little. The more attention you give to her clitoris the more she should like it, and will probably have an orgasm.

That’s how you give a girl head.

BTW, either way it is still called head.

Answer #6

Ok, first off you all have brain damage. And giving a girl head (which is the term I use) is actually called cunnilingus, buy a dictionary. Second, there are many ways to make a girl orgasm, you just have to know what you’re doing. I personally start by LIGHTLY moving in a circular motion around the clitoris, while gently spreading the lips to give you the best access. Then as she starts to warm up, apply more pressure with your tongue. Don’t just use the circular motion, get creative and start to explore. Meaning the inside of the lips, and especially the spot between the holes. But you have to remember to always go back to the clitoris, no ten seconds should go by without your tongue touching it. Next keep your tongue on the clitoris, while inserting your middle finger. Put you finger in as far as it will go, without straining, and start making a “come here” motion with your finger. You should feel a “rough” patch of skin. This is the fabled G-spot. Just keep your tongue working and keep massaging that spot and I promise you’ll hit a home run.

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