How do i give somebody piano lessons?

One of my frends wants me to give her piano lessons, but i dont no where to start. she nos how to play the rythms like quarter notes and eight notes, but she cant tell wat note is a A and wats note is a D and so on. any advice on how to start off her lessons?

Answer #1

Well, think back to how you yourself learnt. Just explain to her in a simple way everything that you know.

Answer #2

You mean how to physically teach them? Just teach them like you were taught. Alot of people who have masters in english can’t teach english because they have forgotten what it is like to not understand the basics. Start at the begining. Be patient, make it fun. Don’t put too much pressure on you or the trainee. To find someone who needs piano lessons you can always post your offering position on craigslist

Answer #3

First you have to know how to play yourself, also the best thing that you could do is to grab the books that you learned it from and teach her from there. Did you take lessons and keep books?

Answer #4

i never took lessons. i taught myself how to play piano, but i remember wat i learned first. guess ill teach her that first.

Answer #5

If you have time, knowledge and place, then what is the problem in teaching your friend? you can proceed with taking lessons on teaching her in your place

Answer #6

Tell her to go to a teacher. There is no way you’ll be able to properly teach her how to play. Playing the piano is not only about getting the keys right, it’s reliant on hand position, body position, scales, and technique. Only a teacher can really teach you right.

Answer #7

Not everyone who can play can teach.

Your best bet is to get her started on basics and hand her off to an experienced teacher when you have gone as far as you can or when she seems to be in a rutt.

Teach her how to read music, the note names, how to follow repeats, dynamics, time signatures, tempo, and so on. No mater what your friend does with music this will be the foundation.

On the piano, teach her how to find middle c. Teacher her the note names of all the keys.

If you feel comfortable teacher her the circle of 5ths, key signatures, scales, arpeggios, sight reading, root position chords, inversions and how to harmonize melodies.

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