Can someone give me a name for a girl that means poison or death?

Make sure its a unique name. No mean comments please! Be mean somewhere else!

Answer #1

im not intending to be mean but why do you want one meaning something so morbid? sorry im curious..

Answer #2

Autumn ( a season where everything dies). Or raven ( bird associated with death)

Answer #3

I dont know, i guess im weird. I just mostly do horror, action and drama stories.

Answer #4

ohh, well thats okay :)

Answer #5

Venom, Jinx, Wilt, Reaper, Mortal,

Answer #6

Atropine Hemlock Oleander Libitina Morana Thana

Answer #7

lillith. gabriel - angel of death maleanie/melania - black morte - french for death

i like gabriel

Answer #8

gabriel can be a girl and a guys name. gabby short for the girl version

Answer #9

Fallen, Whither, Angel, Demonaire (like Demon), Monstree (said like monstray, like monster),

Answer #10

In French, mort is death, but you could use the feminine morte.

Answer #11

Juliet as in Romeo and Juliet.

Answer #12

Belladoona Lotus Nightshade

Answer #13

Blade (or Blayde), Chase, Mynx, Shadow, Lunar,

Answer #14

I like the first one - if it is spelled correctly ….. ….. Belladonna.

Answer #15

Gaara means “i love death” :)

Answer #16

Aeron ( meaning carnage and slaughter) Valdis (goddess of the dead) Daffodil ( pale yellow deathless kind of lily)

Darcy (Dark one) Bana (meaning killer)

Answer #17

Or Morticia as in the Addams Family.

Answer #18

Edie Sedgwick

Answer #19


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