How can I make my cat stop peeing everywhere?

I have purchased every product made to remove urine smell yet my cat continues to pee on the sofas, rugs. I had taken him to the vet about a year ago, and he was fine yet he continues to pee. What can I do

Answer #1

My friend had this problem, the first vet she went to didnt pick up on it, but she went to another vet, turned out to be an infection… one week and the problem stopped… I would try another vet just incase… otherwise, try two liter boxes, try one open, one closed, have the box in an area that has very little traffic or noise (try putting a third one in a different place, these can be the cheap $5 types in like 2 or three areas, see if that’s what the problem is) and seriously try the vet again… and the whole punishment thing, I had this issue with my cat, they just find different areas to go that are harder for you to find…

Answer #2

watch it all the time and ucould get a water bottle and spray it with watter when the cat tries to pee or rub the nose in it and then put it out side or in the litter box to show it where it is saposse to pee

Answer #3

well my cat has the exact name and she does the same thing well, we put her in a cage or kept her in a room unless she was in are sight then she finally stopped hope I helped:)

Answer #4

Nose rubbing will not help. If you are there all the time, squirt gunning it when she does it will help. Male cats are hopeless once they start. Is the cat neutered, if not, that’s the first thing! But even so , some will still spray. Are there other animals in the house? That could cause territorial spraying.

Answer #5

Is he neutered? Male cats spray to mark their territories if they are not neutered.

Answer #6

you ever consider getting rid of the cat?

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