How can I get Girl Scout cookies if I don't know any Girl Scouts?

Answer #1

I would think that by now they would have capitalised and made their own brand exported and imported all over the world. Lol.

Answer #2

Yeah I know, cuz they have GOOD COOKIES MMMMMMMMMMM

Answer #3

You can call your local girl scout chapter … they may be hard to find, as they aren’t always listed as “Girl Scouts” in the phone book. However, if you call one of the schools, they may be able to direct you to one of the Scout leaders. The Girl Scouts of Colorado (is that where you’re from?) also have an online order form:

Answer #4

Oh ok I understand, and no not in Colorado, I’m in ohio, the site won’t let me change my local for some reason

Answer #5

Plus, girl scouts sell cookies in front of grocery stores and other places of business starting pretty soon.

Answer #6

Ah…then whichever is closer to you (they should be able to direct you): Macedonia, Ohio, (330) 864-9933, E-mail:… Columbus, Ohio, (614) 487-8101… Cincinnati, Ohio, (513) 489-1025 E-mail:

Answer #7

Take a look at the Girls Scout’s of Ohio’s Heartland site:

Note in particular the references to the “… March Cookie Booths …”; and the Cookie Locator Application that you can download.

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #8

if you are close to me, I have hookups!

Answer #9

funmail of course, i can let you know where some troops sell cookies. but check walmarts, the are almost always there. i just placed my order almost a mth ago.

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