Girls who show off their bodys?

Ok I’ve seen a lot of girls even on this sight that say oh im soo fat I gotta loose weight but yet they show themselves with a bikini on. why??

Answer #1

I have no clue. I’m fat and I don’t even go swimming because I’m so freaked out about it. They could reach the point of stopping caring. But, I’ve known a lot of people who know they’re not fat, but just say it to say it like other girs. You never hear girls saying, “I’m so skinny.” They say it because its what people say…and either say it to make a bigger person feel better…or they truly do feel fat…but don’t care about what they look like in a swimsuit.

Answer #2

they do it so people can say oh no your not so people can tell them how hott they r they do it 4 attention

Answer #3

they like to show off

Answer #4

It’s a self conscious thing. They don’t think they are really skinny and just want to put those pics up to see what other people say.

Answer #5

i_want_center_stage is right. I know SO many of those girls…D: They’re really annoying because they’re constantly saying it…when thwey know they aren’t fat at all…and really are super conceited. I’m glad you noticed. It’s about time that some other people have noticed it. Just remember. They’re attention who**s

Answer #6

I dont no to get a man because eventually they think there hot

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