Why is two girls making out and touching eachother considered sexy or attractive to a guy?

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men are horney thats why

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Because men are attracted to women, one women is good, but two? double the fun

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one girl should be enough though

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I'm turning 44 in a couple months and I'm begining to realize that this fantasy is considered really sexy by more women than you might think! And, that is not the ONLY fantasy men often think about. There is one very common "other."

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i totatlly agree.

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Because it is.

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Because it is.

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i've actually read a bit about this for class. there are all these weird little features, like alot of the time men like to see girls doing these things as long as they don't have real sexual desire behind it-just doing it to be sexy. one guy i read about liked seeing his girlfriend making out with others at parties but didn't like it when he found out she did it when he wasn't there. some men would prefer women to be sexy rather than sexual.
as for the whole idea of women finding it sexy, i'm sure some women do, but it can also be due to the fact that women conform to the "male gaze" that is they think such things are supposed to be sexy, so they start finding them sexy. the power of suggestion and the like.

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He he...besides all of the above, there is something very gentle and sensual about it, women tend to pay more attention to the little details not just the finish...lol

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