girls calling girls fat.

I used to cut myself, I probably weigh more then you do.. but I dont look really fat, I feel it on the inside tho. the worst day of my life was when a girl called me fat. like I hate this girl but it hurt so much. my question is, has this ever happened to you?

Answer #1

no…but you should not let them get to you..only the insecure people pick on others as its the only way they know to “make themselves feel better”

if your worried about your weight, eat in moderation and exercise, be active for example 30 minutes a day or more if you can.

PS: you know what’s the best revenge? get yourself back in shape and let this bully eat her words :-P

Answer #2

hmm, I never got harassed in school, but I have had random people tell me so yeah, it is hurtful. But you do know, that this girl was simply trying to push your buttons… and generally telling a girl she is fat, no matter what she looks like is the easiest way to do that… doesnt mean anything about you… and you stopped cutting? that takes a lot of strength… you’re stronger than you think… you just need to believe in yourself a little bit… see it’s not the words that hurt (really it isnt), it’s how you are thinking about them and what that means for you… and fruitylicious is right, living well is the best revenge… but the key here is living well… so you need to be happy and healthy… nothing harmful, or it’s just a lie, and you’re just fooling yourself… (btw, if you think someone else calling you names is harsh, imagine your own mother telling you you’d be pretty if you’d only lose some weight… if I can deal with that, you can deal with some idiot with low self esteem…)

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